Maurice McGrath

Latest single April 2023:

Rag And Bone Man The second single from my pending new album is called Rag And Bone Man. It is an upbeat track that has a dark sideā€¦ it tells the story of a man who lives an existence in-and-out of prison, on the verge.

February 2023 single:

King Of Mud Island This song is the first in a series of songs recorded for my next album that describe urban life for those on the fringes between the late 18th century and early 20th century.

Singer-songwriter based in Dublin, Ireland. Songs include...
  • Willie Clancy And The Pipes... Irish labourers in London in the 1950's
  • Shackleton... polar explorers including Tom Crean sail in giant seas to South Georgia
  • Ballad Of Luke Ryan... the real-life adventures of an 18th century pirate from Rush Co Dublin
A number of the songs have been recorded by international folk artists such as Cherish The Ladies (US), Niamh Parsons and Graham Dunne (Ireland), Fergus O'Byrne (Newfoundland) and Shantalla (Belguim)... and it's been a treat to hear the songs performed in places as far flung as Siberia.